Fingerprint Access Control System has a high resolution optical system & latest biometric technology to provide enterprises a secured and convenient access control system. It has a built in time and attendance system

  • Live Finger Detection: Special electronic circuit is built into the fingerprint access device so that only live fingerprint will be scanned and the fake fingers made from silicone rubber, play-doh, etc. will be rejected.
  • It can take upto 3 fingerprints per user
  • It also supports MiFare Cards, each device has an in-built MiFare card reader and writer.
  • It supports 5 access control methods, i.e. access control with:
              o   Fingerprint only
              o   Fingerprint + pin
              o   MiFare card+Fingerprint
              o   MiFare card only
              o   MiFare card only + pin
  • Each device has a standard Ethernet interface, hence it can be networked
  • Door control: 1 Door Strike, 1 Door Switch and 12VDC/1.5A
  • Access logs can be viewed using a web browser
  • Access logs can be exported to Excel or text format
  • It can operate in both Standalone and Network mode.
  • Standalone Mode:
  • Each Fingerprint access control device can store up to 3000 fingerprints.
  • Access logs are stored locally hence a PC is not required
  • Each device can store up to 1 million access log records
  • Network Mode:
  • Unlimited number of fingerprints can be stored.
  • Access log is stored on a server(PC) and can support unlimited number of access log records
  • All communication between the device and the server is encrypted by Deffie-Hellmann algorithm.
  • If the network connection is accidentally broken, the device will switch into standalone mode automatically.