Starbucks has big plans to revitalize the bagged coffee aisle, the Wall Street Journal reports. Jeff Hansberry, the man tasked with that job, said that he wants to make “our products available wherever customers want them.”

 The company wants to enhance the coffee-buying experience.  The company is busy developing strategies to revamp its presence in supermarkets and other retailers, but is releasing no details yet. Hansberry did comment that he wanted to double the shelf space of single-serve coffee products in grocery stores. He also said Starbuck products, such as bagged coffee, K-cups, Tazo teas and Via instant coffee, should be together on a shelf.
“What we’re looking for is a brand block — to get all of our items together,” he said. “We need to make it simpler to shop.”
Part of that simplification process will happen in January, when Starbucks will debut its color-coded packaging that will make it easy for shoppers to pick a new light or “blonde” roast, medium roast or dark roast.
To help the company decide what to change, Starbucks has started surveying customers across the United States. Also this week, Starbucks announced its purchase of Evolution Fresh, which will replace Naked brand juices in its stores.