Soaring Technology have announced new touch monitor series this year.

They provide various solutions of touch such as Resistive , Capacive, SAW and Projective Capacitive touch, Multi touch for different sizes of monitors.

THey are OEM/ODM for several years, and have factory in Taiwan and China.

Please check out their website: for range of products.

Sotac has over 17 years ODM/OEM business in LCD industry.

With experienced R&D team, they claim they are able to design and produce various LCD for different application.

Their main clients such as: IBM (industry monitor), Ford (automotive display), KODAK (photo print KIOSK)….are using their solution for years.

They can be contacted at:

Soaring Technology

Tel: 886-2-26918000 ext: 612

Fax: 886-2-26917000

Skype: nancy8il