Tough times best to expand – pizza chain

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd has added new products to its menu as tighter household budgets help boost the fast food industry.

The new menu includes new pizzas, desserts, dips and for the first time it will be adding a pasta dish to its menu – just as its rival, Pizza Hut, did last month.

“This is a whole menu launch is more than a year’s work,” Domino’s CEO Don Meij told AAP.   Read More

Tough Times Call for New Ideas

The savviest entrepreneurs right now aren’t hunkering down. They’re rethinking their business models and hunting for new strategies based on the assumption that consumer spending won’t be rebounding to prerecession levels and that the types of products and services people want will be much different from before.

For a business owner, this can mean finding new sales channels, trying new marketing tactics and promotions, forming strategic partnerships and introducing new products that appeal to frugal shoppers. Read More

Source: AAP,