AT&T Inc. today announced the launch of AT&T U-verse Total HomeDVR in the Atlanta, Cleveland, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Reno andSacramento areas, giving U-verse TV customers the freedom to play backStandard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) recorded programs on anyconnected TV in the home, at no additional charge.

“If you’re a family who fights over the DVR or just wants the flexibilityto watch your recorded shows on any TV in the house, AT&T U-verse Total HomeDVR is the perfect solution for you,” said Jeff Weber, AT&T vice president ofvideo products. “With our 100 percent Internet Protocol (IP) network, we areable to constantly evolve features and services to match the needs of viewers.Total Home DVR is the latest addition to our portfolio of unmatched featuresthat give U-verse customers more control, on any TV, at a great price.”

AT&T U-verse Total Home DVR customers can:

– Watch HD and SD DVR recordings on other connected TVs in the home. Inaddition to your DVR, you can access, play, pause, rewind and fast forward anyrecorded SD or HD program on up to seven additional U-verse-connected TVs. AllU-verse DVRs and receivers are HD-capable.

– Pause a recorded show and pick up where you left off in another room.

– Play back multiple, independent viewings of the same recorded show ondifferent TVs.

– Play back up to four recorded shows at once. Up to three can be HDrecorded programs.

– Watch up to five HD programs simultaneously throughout the home,including two live HD programs and three recorded HD programs.

– Record more of the show you want to see with soft padding, whichautomatically adds 1 minute to the beginning and 2 minutes to the end of eachpre-scheduled recording.

– Organize recorded content by series. Series recordings will be groupedas a single heading in the recorded TV menu, making it easier for customers tomanage and select their recorded programs.

– Store up to 37 hours of HD content or up to 133 hours of SD content,which is more storage than most cable providers’ DVRs.

– Record up to four programs at once on a single DVR — another featurethat is exclusive to AT&T U-verse TV.

– Set the DVR while on the go from your PC or wireless phone. With AT&TYahoo!(R) Web and Mobile Remote Access to DVR, you can schedule recordingsfrom any Web-connected PC or compatible mobile phone (wireless service chargesapply) by using your AT&T High Speed Internet account.

Using IP technology, Total Home DVR capabilities have been seamlesslyprovided to existing customers’ DVRs without the need to swap their currentequipment. The U-verse network architecture and IPTV service allow Total HomeDVR functionality to be enabled by a software update, without any action orhassle for existing customers.

Total Home DVR is the latest addition to the constantly evolving suite offeatures that has been introduced to all U-verse TV customers at no extracharge since the AT&T U-verse launch in June 2006. These features include:

– Mobile Remote Access to DVR, which lets you schedule and manage DVRrecordings from any compatible mobile phone.

– AT&T U-bar, which brings customizable weather, stock, sports andtraffic information to the U-verse TV screen, without interrupting the currentprogram.

– AT&T Online Photos from Flickr, which allows you to simply andconveniently browse the photos you’ve uploaded to and watch slideshows on your U-verse TV screen from the comfort of your couch.

– Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football, which allows you to track the progressof your fantasy team — including current team matchups and league standings– directly from your TV screen through the AT&T U-bar.

– YELLOWPAGES.COM TV, for fast and easy searches to find local businessesand other information via your TV screen.

– AT&T Yahoo! Games, so you can play your favorite online games –including Sudoku, Solitaire, JT’s Blocks, Mah-jongg Tiles and Chess — on theTV screen.

In the future, AT&T plans to add to its Total Home DVR service with theability to schedule recordings and pause or control live TV from non-DVRreceivers.

AT&T is deploying next-generation AT&T U-verse services as part of itsmission to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, anddo it better than anyone else. Customers benefit from integrated AT&T servicesacross the three screens they value most: the TV, the PC and the wirelessphone.