Dubai:Over the past decade Dubai has constantly strived to distinguish and set apart itself from all parts of the world. Using imagination, diversification, and of course endless amounts of cash, Dubai has achieved the goal of luring individuals and businesses half way around the world to settle or visit in this distant gulf city. The key to success has been the constant expansion and development which is backed by the U.A.E Government. These development projects range from building on land, to growth into the Gulf.

Eventually it would also create enormous opportunity for retail sector. It will entice big companies to do investments and become part of Dubai’s growth & development process through various formats like Leisure & Vacation World, Retail & Entertainment World, Restaurants, Shopping malls, Sports facilities, Health spas, Cinemas, EcoTourism, Luxury hotels, Water theme parks, as these are the main attraction of Modernization

The Palm, Jebel Ali & Jumeirah
The twin palmshaped islands off the coast of Dubai are the luxurious and unique seaside communities of The Palm, Jebel Ali and The Palm, Jumeirah. These manmade islands are considered the eighth wonder of the world and can be seen from space. Each development
will contain 50 luxury hotels, 2,500 exclusive residential beachside villas, 2,400 shoreline apartments, two marinas, water theme parks, restaurants, shopping malls, sports facilities, health spas and cinemas.

The Palm, Deira
This is the third and last development in The Palm series by Nakheel. The Palm, Deira will merge Dubai’s oldest district with the new iconic image of the palm. Located close to historic landmarks and trading ports of Deira Corniche, the Palm, Deira will be a revolutionary addition to the Dubai’s booming freehold property development market.

The International City encompasses businesses, residences and tourist attractions and is made up of six key areas, including The Central Districts, Dubai Gates, The Dragon Mart, The Residential District, Lake District and the Forbidden City. International City is a melting pot of the diverse cultures and lifestyles that lend Dubai its cosmopolitan air.

Dubailand has been designed to appeal to the widest tourist segments across genders, age groups, world regions and activity preferences. Dubailand has been planned and designed using leadingedge expertise across a spectrum of disciplines. A unique multifaceted development of pure family entertainment and education, with universal appeal, Dubailand will incorporate a critical mass of attractions, an endless mix of day and night activities and a variety of accommodations to encourage longer visits and overnight stays. Dubailand features six theme worlds: Attractions & Experience World, Sports & Outdoor World, EcoTourism World, Leisure & Vacation World, Retail & Entertainment World and Downtown.

Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)
The Residences in DIFC are located on Park Boulevard and consist of two stunningly beautiful towers comprising of a unique combination of commercial, residential, leisure and retail space in an ultra modern environment. The aesthetically designed 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments offer panoramic views of the financial hub, its parks, cafes and entertainment facilities.