WBIS is a state of the art identification system enables enterprises to identify users through biometric technology using a traditional web browser over the Internet/Intranet.

The identification can be done by using fingerprinting, face recognition or a combination of both. Fingerprint recognition requires a scanner to be installed on the client machine. The face recognition software can work with a webcam, a regular camera or an IP based camera.
Conventional ID systems reference pictures which are often outdated, and with very different facial characteristics (vision correction, facial hair like beard, mustache, age progression etc.) The software takes into account these factors and compensates for them.
  • Besides a webcam and/or a fingerprint reader, no other software or hardware needs to be installed on the client machine.
  • Uses 128-bit encryption between the client and server.
  • Supports unlimited clients.
  • The system is quick, easy-to-use and reliable.
  • Can easily be integrated with existing systems.
  • Advantages:

  • The users do no need to carry their IDs.
  • Being web based, the system offers the following advantages:

  • Reduces IT Management costs.
  • Simplifies deployment to clients.
  • Reduces license costs while effectively increasing license utilizations.
  • Improve security of your organization
  • Simplifies provisioning
  • Robust audit trail
  • Eliminates weak passwords as a vulnerability