Fingerprint Logon Enterprise Edition(EE) for MS Windows 2000/2003 Server uses fingerprint recognition technology for total logon management and password control.

All domain users can logon Active Directory with a single touch of their fingers at any client workstation. NO more passwords needed. Extremely beneficial for ordinary computer users and system administrators.

  • Supports MS Windows 2000/2003 Server Active Directory
  • Supports MS Windows 2000/XP professional at client workstation
  • Logon Domain Controller by touch of a finger.
  • Fingerprint recognition accuracy: FAR-10-6, FRR-10-2
  • All fingerprint data are stored with 256bit AES encryption
  • Fingerprint data transmission by TCP/IP
  • All data transfer is protected by Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm.
  • 4 authentication options:
            Either fingerprint or password
            Fingerprint only
            Password only
            Both fingerprint and password
  • Supports Live Finger Detection(LFD)
  • Benifits for users:
  • No need to memorize password(s) to logon to computer/server/domain.
  • No lost or forgotten passwords
  • No need to change passwords frequently
  • Benifits for System Administrators:
  • No “user lockup” because of entering wrong password
  • No more requests for “reset password” from users
  • Better user identity management: know exactly who is logging on
  • Benefits for Enterprises:
  • Improves overall system and data security because
    of the elimination of password-based authentication system
  • Better overall workforce productivity
  • Reduce computer network management cost